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Vasco da Gama for kids!

Vasco da Gama?  Who he?  I can hear you asking.  Today in 1497, this Portuguese ultra-daring explorer set off on an epic journey to be the first man to sail from Portugal round the tip of Africa and on up to India.  What’s the big deal?  Until he did this, no-one knew you could do this journey by sea.  Instead, everyone trudged via Constantinople and overland to India, loaded up with spices and precious stones and then had to make it back – alive and without being robbed.  So da Gama opened up the sea route and changed the way trade developed – and made Portugal very rich in the process. 

Now we can go everywhere, of course, so the immensity of this journey is lost on us.  But back then, it was ground-breaking and he is still regarded as one of the great explorers, up there with Columbus and Magellan and Cook.  The fact that he was a nasty SOB is neither here nor there at this stage in history – he is still famous for his seafaring exploits.

Parents, grandparents, teachers and the generally curious can learn and find out more in ten little minutes with our jolly film which tells you Vasc0 da Gama’s biography and why he is well-known even today.  Just check out our film – NowYouKnowAbout Vasco da Gama.

Good parenting – a helpful tool

Tired from a day’s work?  Or a full afternoon surrounded by toddlers? A long commute back home?  All this and more can make evening with small children seem a tough prospect, however much you love them.  I’m no advocate of maxing kids out on screen time – computers, tablets or TV – but if you deserve some me-time, and need it too, why not sit your children down in front of NowYouKnowAbout’s short, funny and educational films about famous people.  They’ll be entertained, they’ll be absorbed; you’ll get a break and – the icing on the cake – those kids will learn something new and useful.

A friend of mine who’s a hard-working mother was delighted to find that, when her son, aged 8, went on a school trip around Westminster Abbey, he told the teacher and the rest of his class that the great discoverer of gravity, Isaac Newton, was buried there.  He’d picked that up watching NowYouKnowAbout Isaac Newton – our ten-minute movie that teaches kids stuff and gives their parents a guilt-free moment to put their feet up.

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