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Love, whose month is ever May…..

May is a month when you really feel spring is here. Even if it’s raining. The birds know it, the flowers are up to speed and the days are getting longer. All the warm days are ahead of us. Maybe that’s why in his play, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Will Shakespeare wrote that May is the major love month. So feel the love! And if you don’t already know a lot about our greatest playwright, check out our fun movie whether you’re 7 or 100 and nail his life story in 10 minutes!

Has your kid got this phobia?

Nomophobia, that is.  The newest scare out of Asia warns us that the anxiety children go through when separated from their mobile phone – nomophobia – is a reminder of just how indispensable this tool has become.  But doesn’t everyone feel a bit droopy after a day in front of the computer or tv screen?  A swim, a drumming session, kicking a football, whatever it is that breaks the motionless gawp has to be good for body and soul.  Listen, I’m trying to sell short films here, so business-wise I’d rather hear that 24/7 tv is great for your health and brain – but we all know moderation is the key.  And choosing wisely what you look at on screen.  (Ahem – check out our films…)

Best Educational Movies for Kids

We all went to school.  We all learnt stuff.  But how did you pick up the kind of knowledge that rounds out all that grammar, maths, science formulae and so on?  If you’re lucky, it was at home – from a book, on TV, or from your mum or dad.  I think the best way to give kids general-knowledge is to show them our educational movies for toddlers, primary-schoolers and under-12s.  Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Galileo, Christopher Columbus – famous people’s lives encapsulated in a ten-minute movie about what they did, how they did it and why they are famous.

NowYouKnowAbout educational films for children entertain and educate kids and trigger a curiosity that makes learning more a whole lot of fun.

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