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Battle of Bosworth for common entrance kids

The Battle of Bosworth Field 1485

Having children is an education.  And I don’t just mean that it teaches you stuff about yourself.  It also teaches you stuff, full stop.

My son Joe has been revising for a history exam and here’s me, with History O’ Level (B) almost 30 years old, helping him.

First thing to know is that it was the end of Plantagenets (Richard III wiped out) and the start of the Tudor dynasty (Henry VII won).

Second, you’ve gotta watch the excellent Horrible Histories song about Richard III which makes you laugh and makes you remember.

And third, if your child is 12 or over, you can sit him or her down with an ipod and play BBC Radio 4’s podcast of In Our Time: The Battle of Bosworth, where clever professors discuss the ins and outs of the battle and the run up to it with Melvyn Bragg.

Do all that and you’ll be able to write an A* essay on the battle, its causes and its consequences.  Easy!

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